Arrhythmia Assessment

Clinically, imaging patients with arrhythmias is challenging and can lead to non-diagnostic images. Our group has developed several different approaches to assess patients with irregular heart rhythms which have improved our ability to understand this irregular rhythm and improved image quality (decreasing the risk of a non-diagnostic study).

Real-time MRI of a patient with sinus rhythm followed by an arrhythmiag

Self-gating of a patient with trigeminy allows visualization of three contractions

Real-Time Cardiac MRI

We have developed techniques real-time cardiac magentic resonance imaging techniques to overcome the conventional sampling limitations of MRI systems and allow clear visualization of irregular heart rhythms.

Recent publications include:

Self-gated MR Imaging

Conventional cardiac MR imaging techniques combine data acquired several heartbeats to increase image spatial and temporal resolution. This can prove challenging in patients with irregular heart rhythms. We have developed improved ways to sort imaging data based on physiologic information and provide high resolution imaging of arrhythmic beats

Recent publications include: